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I am Tina M. Courtney-Brown, aka Kat.

PoetKitty - Tina Courtney, aka Kitty Courtney

Say hi, tell me I’m crazy, ask me about the meaning of life, or just reach out and find a friend.


Facebook Profile – http://www.facebook.com/plantshaman

A slew of personal truths:

◊ Born in Helena, MT – Gemini sun / Aquarius moon / Aries rising
◊ Madly, insanely, ridiculously in love with Orion, aka This Man.
Writes poetry, novels, short stories, blogs
Energy worker and apprentice to a Master Healer
Meditator, tarot card reader, astrologist
Stepmom to one called Hijo in here – who is awakening to Truth more every minute, and teaches more than all others combined
Lived in Montana, Portland OR, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas
Produced / developed numerous web communities and online games, including Disney’s Blast, Preschool Time Online, SpadeClub.com, and ZuCamp.com
Must-do’s include publishing multiple novels, opening a restaurant, traveling to Iceland, funding a charity, learning flamenco, mastering Tensigrity (a martial art created by Carlos Casteneda), and falling in love with myself and everyone else.  
4 tattoos and counting – Hip = Herman the wise old moon, Ankle = Mascha the fiery celtic band + tribal sun, Shoulder = Wassily the good luck tree frog, Neck = Chavy the Chavin icon
Favorite place in the world – tied between the Amazonian jungle of Peru, and the Temple of the Jaguar, eye to eye with the Lanzon (also in Peru)

Tina Courtney aka Kitty Courtney Gazing at the Amazon River

While words are the threads by which I survive, people are the real reason for all the blasted efforts. I love all you crazies; even the darkies among us. We all have a little Gandhi and a little W; in differing doses, of course. I choose to illuminate the greatness, except when I’m in W-mode. It happens. Please forgive.

Read on, be real, feel blessed. I am, because you’re here.

12 Responses to “Bio + Contact”

  1. seasofsilver says:

    I love your blog!!! I am just starting to write poetry!

  2. danielle says:

    hello its danielle, just checking out your site.

  3. poetkitty says:

    Hi Danielle – yay! Glad to see you in here – email me at poetkitty@mindspring.com if you have any questions :)

  4. margarita says:

    I invite you to get a copy and read Margaret’s DeWys’ amazing new book
    BLACK SMOKE: A Woman’s Journey of Healing, Wild Love
    and Transformation in the Amazon.
    The story is as astonishing as it is miraculous and unfolds much
    like an adventure tale or detective novel.

    “Black Smoke is a wonderful, beautifully written story…a true adventure told in a style that rivals the best of novels. This first person account by an extraordinary woman of her inner and outer journey through darkness into light is a must read for anyone interested in healing.”
    John Perkins, the NY Times Best-selling author of Shapeshifting: Spirit of the Shuar

    “This book will thrill and support all readers traveling–or wishing to travel themselves–into
    the unknown and the mystery of the human spirit.”
    Josie Ravenwing, Author of The Book of Miracles

    When composer and Bard College music professor Margaret De Wys learned she had breast cancer, the diagnosis shattered her comfortable life. Seized by fear, crushed by existential loneliness, she couldn’t respond when her loved ones reached out to her. To everyone’s concern, the illness propelled her away from her family and deep into the Amazon to work with Carlos, a charismatic Shuar master of medicina milenaria, an ancient mystical tradition with a highly sophisticated and precise technology
    of healing. In Black Smoke, De Wys writes of her amazing encounter with Carlos as he guided her into a world of potent visionary plants, harrowing initiations, and ritual purification. It was, as Carlos called it, “the path of the warrior.”

    At once an adventure story, a romance, and a rich exploration of a little-known culture, Black Smoke is destined to become a classic. It captures one woman’s physical, emotional, and “holy voyage” through a world that differs vastly from our own in its perception of healing and wholeness. And what emerges is a revealing chronicle of spiritual insight and a trenchant exploration of the limits of idealism. Not only does De Wys offer a probing look at how our modern technological culture can learn and benefit from indigenous wisdom, but she also weaves a cautionary tale about how potentially dangerous it is—on
    both sides—to try to cross those frontiers.

    Now available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble bookstores.

    To read the beginning of the book, hear healing songs
    from the Amazon, and contact the author, go to:

  5. Hey Kit Kat. Enjoyed reading this bio entry this morning. The thought of you makes me smile and to even be typing in this box is a kind of comfort.
    You give me hope. I hadn’t thought of all of us having some W, but it is true–dang!
    This thought alone will go so far toward all of us learning about forgiveness. Hope things are going well with…(I want to say Trevor?…)
    See you soon I hope. Love, (you can call me Dubby if you can get used to it. It seems to be reserved for my oldest friends and family. But you’re welcome in this crowd :)

  6. poetkitty says:

    I actually read Black Smoke 2 weeks ago – WONDERFUL read :)

  7. shannon ongaro says:

    hi tina. i stumbled across your blog this morning. timely.

    long story short, i am in peru right now and getting ready to begin another series of ceremonies with a trusted ayahuasquera. i am also working on some poetry. i want to do a collaborative poetry project about these experiences and am wondering if you would like to work with me. guess where i live. bozeman. i’ll be home the end of the month. not sure what shape the project could take. open to the process.
    what do you think? i have a few poems on mountaindrabble.wordpress.com and you can see some of my photography on my facebook page.

    let me know what you think.


  8. David R aka D-LEw says:

    Greetings from Wisconsin to PoetKitty and all fellow seekers, I’m two weeks back from Peru journeying through time with that coolest of shamanic cats Otorango Blanco. Howard truly is a marvel, No? I’m sure others of you have found good people to journey with, but this was my second trip with him( and wonderful fellow pilgrims) and I will never be the same. Now I want to stay connected with others on this path. My question for you is, for those of us who cant afford regular trips to Peru, are you aware of accomplished, legit Huachumero’s in America. I just found you today so I will read more of your site, but I thought I would ask the question. So glad you are out there Peace and Thank you David R

  9. Hi David!
    Yes, I know others – feel free to contact me anytime for stateside resources :)

  10. andy says:

    reading your review on netflix for the “control room” documentary and was amazed how similar my thoughts of it were.


  11. Leah Dittmer says:

    Enjoying your posts and your projects!!! Thank you for making contact:)

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